Om Oss

Since its inception Playground Music has developed a strong identity as an organisation where music matters and the artists are at our first priority. We value professionalism, personal relations and innovative ideas on how best to reach the audience and our customers.

We are the leading independent music label in the Nordic region and have been operating since 1999. Playground music has extensive experience and an excellent track record in successfully establishing domestic and international artists and labels in the market.

Playground Music produces, sells, markets and promotes music in both physical and digital form from its local offices located in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Tampere (Finland). The administrative headquarters are based in Malmö (Sweden).

As record company we have the three active labels Playground, Diesel and Uniform Beat.

Playground artists directly signed or represented include: Jenny Wilson, Sofia Karlsson, Sarah Riedel, The Rasmus, Ayoe Angelica, Brothers of End, Ace of Base, Capetown, Teron Beal, The Concretes, Julie Maria, Rasmus Walther, Anna David, Dr Alban among many others.

The Diesel artists include Lisa Nilsson, Koop, Lena Swanberg, Jeanette Lindström and in the catalogue you will find among others Mauro Scocco, Titiyo, Eagle Eye Cherry, Esbjörn Svensson Trio and Blacknuss.

Uniform Beat is a dance imprint with wide range of new music and artists as Materikaa, Emma Bates, Mayka, Smith & Thell, Flip, Artymove and more.

Playground represents several international independent labels in the Nordic region; Beggars Banquet, 4AD, Domino, Matador, SPV, Eagle Rock, Naïve, Edel, Eagle Vision, World Circuit, Dramatico, Netwerk and many more.